The Art of Book Edge Gilding.

How to gold leaf book edges.

The is excited to partner with the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio to provide you with the highest quality, hands on training for the gilding arts.

How to gold leaf book edges.

An Introduction to the Art of Book Edge Gilding

Join us for this very special 4-week series on Book Edge Gilding on Zoom! Online series, the art of applying gold leaf to the paper edges of books. Designed for the beginner, students will learn to prepare and seal the paper edge, apply a clay bole ground, prepare an egg white size known as glair, and gild and burnish the book edges with genuine 23k gold leaf.

Intended as an entry-level introduction to this beautiful method of gilding for book edges this series is well-suited for creating gilt edges for personal use and a perfect starting-point for further study in the book arts.

All classes are Live on Zoom and Recorded for viewing by students which remain viewable for six months after the series ends.

A Book Edge Gilding Materials list will be made available on this website for download soon! Or contact the Instructor Charles Douglas for further info at For those needing a Finishing Press please refer to the listing from University Products shown in the Resources Page of this website.

This is an 4 session class for a total of 6 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

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March 28; April 4, 11, 18, 2023 On Line 11am - 12:30pm PST (2pm - 3:30pm EST; Adjust for Local Time Zone) $225.00 AVAILABLE REGISTER NOW

Class Materials

Charles Douglas Classes - Book Edge Gilding Class Kit

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Purchase all the recommended tools from this educational series in one easy step.

CDBE/KIT $ 330.00
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Book Edge Gilding Class Kit

Purchase class items individually

Re-load on essential items!!! Every artist knows that If you use your tools right, then they will preform for you. True work horses - and in a pinch, you know which are your "go-to" tools. But even your hardest working friends need refreshing. Now is your time. And enjoy a special discount on the folowing items, exclusively through the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio Workshops. Thanks for participating in our workshops!

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213K/3.5 $ 90.00
Pure Sable Kolinsky Gilder's Tip - Single - 3.5" width x 2" Length - French
Gilder's Brush
MA13 $ 68.50
MA13 Agate stone burnisher - Wood Handle - German
Agate Burnisher
MA12 $ 81.00
MA12 Agate stone burnisher - Wood Handle - German
Agate Burnisher
61/2 $ 23.00
Pure Kazan Squirrel - Pointed Mop - Quill Ferrule - Wood Handle - French
8mm Brush
625/1 $ 32.00
Mixed Squirrel - 1" Tapered - Metal Ferrule - Wood Handle - German
1" Brush
GK/S $ 39.00
Gilders Knife - Single edge with square tip 5½" blade
Gilders Knife
GP/D $ 74.00
Gilders Pad, Delux 7" x 9.1/2" W/O SHIELD - Italian
Gilders Pad
3355P/5 $ 46.50
Selhamin Red Bole - 5oz jar - Wet
Red Bole - Clay
MA23.00DB/B $ 96.00
Manetti Brand - 23kt Double Gold Leaf Book - Loose Leaf - 18 grams
23kt Gold Leaf

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