Gelatin Size adhesive

How to prepare gelatin size for Traditional Water gilding and Gilding on glass

Learn how to mix a perfect recipe for traditional water gilding. Preparation of gelatin size glue for gilding on genuine gesso and bole.

We offer different types of Gelatin Size.

American Gelatin Glue is used in the production of Gesso and Clay Bole.

Gelatin Diamond sheets are used for Gilding on Glass

Preparation of Gelatin Size - For Traditional Water Gilding

Santa Fe Method - For gesso and clay production.

For Traditional Water Gilding

Rabbit skin glue has held traditional water gilding together for centuries. The time honored process of breaking sheets, soaking, heating, cooling, refrigerating and reheating are the chores of the gilder. Modern times, new products and a better way is discovered. A new gelatin glue made from animal products maintains the natural composition of traditional water gilding, but saves time and produces a better burnish! Simple to use. Just add water, mix what you need and heat. No soaking.No making batches. No storing. Consistent and dependable, it produces the shine all gilders strive to achieve. The new gelatin glue is equal in strength to rabbit skin glue. Your personal style of gilding may cause the ratios to be adjusted and a few simple tests will lead to outstanding results. Santa Fe Formula For gesso, dissolve 40-44 grams of gelatin in 14 ounces of water, heat and add whiting in the same ratio as when working with rabbit skin glue.

Dissolve 28-30 grams of gelatin in 10 ounces of water, heat and mix with clay in the same ratio as when working with rabbit skin glue. Purchase and more info

Preparation of Gelatin Size - For Gilding on Glass