Genuine Silver Leaf books. 25 leaves per book.

Available as Loose leaf, patent transfer leaf and heavy weight options.

Pure silver is beaten into thin sheets, as thin as 0.5 microns thick. Available in a variety of weights and thicknesses, Silver leaf books are packaged as individual squares of 25 leaves, seperated by tissue paper.

Genuine Manetti silver leaf book

Manetti Silver Leaf Books - 25 leaves

Manetti Brand - Italian Leaf Books of 25 leaves. Each leaf is 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" square. Approx. coverage is 1.7 sqft. Gram weight per 1000 leaves vary. See below.

MA00.00SV/B $ 26.50
Manetti Brand - Genuine Silver Leaf - 28 gram
Loose Leaf
MA00.00SP/B $ 28.50
Manetti Brand - Genuine Silver Leaf - 21 gram
Patent Leaf
MA00.00SH/B $ 28.50
Manetti Brand - Genuine Silver Leaf - HEAVY - 32 gram
Loose Leaf

Product Description

Genuine Silver Leaf and Genuine Patent Silver is 100% pure Silver. Each pack of leaf contains 20 books. Each book contains 25 lvs, with a total of 500 leaves. Each leaf is 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" square. Approx. coverage is 39 sqft per pack and 1.7 sqft for each book. We offer a variety of gram weights to suit the needs of your specific project. Gram weight is determined by the weight of 1000 leaves of 3 3/8 inch square Silver leaf. This relates more to 'density' of leaf rather than thickness. Each leaf is beaten to approx. 0.5 microns thick. Whether you purchase European Silver leaf or chinese, the size (3 3/8" sq) and thickness (0.5 microns) is standard. The wieght changes by the amount of Silver content per leaf. So a Chinese Silver leaf weighs 17 grams per 1000 lvs, and is therefore less dense than an Italin Silver leaf, weighing 20 grams. The European leaf will be firmer, is less likely to tear and may show less wrinlkling in the final product (depending on your gilding technique).

This product is available to ship immediately. All our Genuine Silver Leaf products are shipped fully insured via UPS.

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