Gold leaf Size and Gilding Adhesive for genuine and metal leafing.

Oil size, water based size, hide glues, rabbit skin and gelatin glue sizes.

Choose from a wide variety of adhesive glues for any gilding project.

Adhesive "Size" refers to the adhesive or glue-like substance used to attach thin sheets of metal (usually gold leaf or silver leaf) to a surface, such as wood, metal, or other materials. Size serves as the bonding agent that allows the delicate metal leaf to adhere securely to the object being gilded.

There are different types of size used in gilding, including water-based size and oil-based size. The choice of size depends on the specific requirements of the gilding project and the materials involved. Water-based size is often used for interior gilding projects, while oil-based size may be preferred for more durable or exterior applications. The proper application of size is crucial to achieving a successful and long-lasting gilded finish in traditional gilding techniques.

Adhesives and Gilding Size