Copper Leaf Packs, Books and Rolls

Genuine Copper Sheets

Explore the highest quality pure copper leaf sheets available in various formats, including loose leaf, patent, and ribbon leaf rolls. Our exceptional quality European and Chinese copper leafing products are perfect for all your gilding needs.

Types of Copper Leaf

  • Loose Leaf Copper Sheets: Ideal for traditional gilding techniques, offering flexibility and ease of use for intricate designs.
  • Patent Copper Leaf: Backed with a tissue paper that makes it easier to handle, perfect for flat surfaces and larger projects.
  • Ribbon Leaf Rolls: Convenient for covering large areas quickly, ribbon leaf rolls are excellent for continuous gilding applications.

Quality and Versatility

Our copper leaf sheets are sourced from the finest manufacturers in Europe and China, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency. Whether you are restoring a historic building, creating a piece of fine art, or adding a touch of elegance to your home decor, our copper leaf products provide the perfect solution.


  • Art: Enhance your paintings, sculptures, and mixed media projects with the warm, reflective beauty of copper leaf.
  • Architecture: Ideal for gilding domes, ceilings, and architectural details, copper leaf adds a timeless elegance to any structure.
  • Crafts and Decoration: Perfect for a wide range of decorative applications, from furniture and picture frames to custom design elements.